• 道路护栏是如何起作用的
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As the road is wider and wider, more and more roads are built, and the roads are gradually in all directions. This is a good thing, but it brings a lot of inconvenience to pedestrians who are in a hurry. It must take a turn to get to the opposite place. What's the use of guardrails in the middle of the road?

Its main purpose is to reduce the occurrence of road accidents, whether between vehicles and pedestrians or between vehicles and vehicles. When there is no guardrail, many people in the street choose to cross the road, so that they can save a little time and take a little road. They are very lucky to cross the road and get to the opposite side safely. Of course, they are also unlucky. So in order to reduce the occurrence of such accidents, install guardrails, and increase some trouble in the road they cross, so that they can arrive more safely.

For vehicles, it is to distinguish the two opposite traffic flows. Although the driver knows the direction of the traffic flow during the driving process, some anxious drivers will choose to overtake. When there is no place to overtake in the leading lane, he may choose to overtake from the opposite lane. In this way, the probability of accidents is very high. To reduce accidents, we must cut off the hidden dangers.

Now the guardrail on the road has no impact on pedestrians and vehicles. Its existence is to change the habit of pedestrians crossing the road and drivers driving in reverse. Now, the number of accidents caused by these two things is almost zero, which is the most significant effect.

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