• 道路护栏所要具备的功能
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With the frequent occurrence of road accidents in recent years, the road safety has been strictly dealt with gradually. The installation of road guardrail is a measure to prevent the accidents, which reduces the probability of crossing the road, and reduces the vehicle running to the opposite lane when overtaking. This reduces the chance of accidents. In fact, as a road guardrail, there are requirements. Let's take a look.



As a road guardrail, it should first have the function of blocking. Isolate the motor vehicles from the non motor vehicles, prevent the non motor vehicles from entering the motor vehicle lane, make the traffic congestion and confusion, and control the phenomenon of pedestrians crossing the road. As the uniformity of guardrail is also essential, so the guardrail used must be consistent in both color and style. The color of guardrail is mainly white, and the height of guardrail is not high, which will not block the line of sight.


At the same time, it should have a neat and beautiful visual sense. As a long-term thing in front of people, there is no need to design it too much, as long as it is simple and generous. Because it is always used outdoors and sometimes in contact with vehicles, it is very attentive in the selection of materials. The high-quality hot-dip galvanized sheet is used as the material to prevent the possibility of rusting during the use of the sheet, and the surface of the sheet is also coated with plasticizing powder added with anti-oxidation and anti ultraviolet additives. The guardrail has the characteristics of high strength, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant and long service time.


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